Sunday, May 1, 2011

We're hiring...

Cranky Boots Cold Confections is looking for a skilled, on-call part-time prep cook to help us in the busy month of June.

We are looking for someone who/is:
-Understands and adheres to food safety requirements.
-Classically trained at a recognized Culinary School or has a three year minimum background in the food industry at a respectable place.
-Passionate about Food Justice, Community, Slow Foods and Food in general.
-Knows or wants to know more about the food truck/ cart business that is happening in The Bay Area.
-Committed to organic, local, and sustainable living and eating.
-Professional and responsible with both grand and small tasks (shows up on time, reliable, doesn't cut corners, passionate about your work, etc).
-Has a good sense of humor/ personable.

If interested please reply with a cover letter, professional resume and references. ( References should be from the following: 1 personal non-family related, 1 community oriented, and 1 employer reference).

Women and People of Color are encouraged to apply!

15 an hour+ possible bonus.

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