Saturday, May 7, 2011

First event of the Season...

    Cranky Boots will be starting its season at Doof-a-Palooza (, on  Sunday May 22nd.  "What is Doof-a-palooza," you ask.  Well, it's a family oriented festival for kids of all ages, and the admission is free.  Doof-a-palooza was created as an aid in helping families to facilitate a  "source-to-table" way of thinking and life within their family.

Remember when it was embarrassing to open up your lunch box and see a wheat bread sandwich in your pail just staring at you, waiting to be eaten? At least I do, and I remember feeling kind of " stuck," as I knew no kid was going to trade me a healthy sandwich for their bag of chips---at least no sane kid. I remember never being allowed to have soda or sweet cereal and thinking my parents were the devil because of it. To be honest, I remember healthy eating being kind of a bore---but the tides are changing. Kids these days happily drink their Kombucha tea and tote their wheat bread sandwiches in their eco- friendly lunch boxes.  It's only right for us to be at Doof-a-palooza, selling our delicious pops, where this sort of thing is not only admonished but fostered; it's only right for you to be there too!

We will be helping 100 lucky kids make Whattup pops (read: Push-up Pops) in either their choice of Frutti Tutti Pop Xplosion, which is our hibiscus pineapple limeade with Cranky's own version of  Pop Rocks or Chocolate Puddin'. Both pops are vegan and made with organic fruit and minimal sugar. Don't worry, in addition to the 100 pops we'll be giving away, we'll  also accord you the pleasure of trying Strawberry-Basil, Banana with burnt Caramel and Sea-Salt, and Chocolate Puddin' Cabernet ( The grown-up version of " Chocolate Puddin"), for an affordable price. 

Check out what Doof Kids are up to and we'll see you on May 22nd! 

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