Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's almost that time...

Cranky is taking a different approach this season to our pops.  We'd like to do more networking and community building. 

Here are some of the things we'd like to do: 

1.) We'd like to sell wholesale to local grocery stores, bars, and coffee shops during our  season ( April - October). 

2.) We'd like to collaborate with food trucks, art venues, and local hang-outs/ non-profits. 

3.) We'd like to do more neighborhood events, block parties, weddings, etc. 

So,  if you or someone you know has a networking opportunity, HIT US UP! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

We ( mostly Amanda) made a mistake...

I hesitate to write this blog for several reasons, none of them being that I have a hard time accepting when I make mistakes ( though I am a perfectionist). I hesitate, mostly because  when I finish writing this blog and I hit send, I am pretty much sending this out into a nebula for the reader to interpret how he or she likes, despite what I write.  And that my friends, is the catch-22 of blogging; one can read as much as one likes about another human being without ever truly getting to know them or understanding them, opinions form and sometimes they are not accurate---I fear this...anywho, moving on to my mistake. 

As most of you know, Aland and I closed down Cranky Boots for personal reasons. At that point in time, we seriously thought we were done with pops---though we loved Cranky,dearly. We canceled out of being a part of Eat Real, packed up our popsicles sticks, and sadly closed the doors.  Several weeks later, we were  still crushed about leaving our pop business, and felt as though we were abandoning our baby, so we talked it over, and decided that come hell or high water Cranky must continue. Being the artist type  that we are, we decided to keep this thing going one week before Eat Real. Being the loving beings that the staff of Eat Real are, they welcomed these prodigal sons home with open arms and reinstated our place at the Eat Real Table. Cranky was back in business! 

So far, so good, right?  Well, kinda.  Since we decided to jump back in on the Eat Real game super late, we were left with very little time to prepare. At that point in time, I did what I thought was good idea and decided to pull our inventory from August out of the freezer, sort through them, taste a couple from sample batches, and sell the " good ones" as Three Legged Misfits. (Discounted Pops). I also made our fall season pops ( pumpkin and fig) and those sold delightfully, without a hiccup but that little detail is moot.  The problem with selling Three Legged Misfits to our clientele this time around, is that no one realized that they were buying  Three Legged Misfits, ( I think this was poor communication on my part). Admittedly, some of the pops from the August inventory, which sold as Three Legged Misfits were not even up to Three Legged Misfit standard ( though there's no way of knowing this, unless you taste the pop and for obvious reasons, I couldn't taste a pop I was selling).  And this is my mistake.  I sold you guys pops from  our summer inventory assuming that you would know that they were clearance pops, and you didn't.  Well, some of you did, but I don't think most of you did.  We got a lot of compliments on our Three Legged Misfits, but I also heard a handful of complaints (understandably) of the pops being icy (which is what happens when certain flavors of pops hang out in the freezer for 3 weeks). Bottom line is that we don't like that you had that experience with us.  I am sorry. We are sorry.  

I've thought on this some, and I haven't quite figured out how I could fix this situation moving forward or what I could have done differently ( other than not sell discounted pops from our month's prior inventory), but I would like to give a free regular ( non-Three Legged Misfit) pop to anyone who had this experience with us.  We truly want our customers to have a wonderful experience when eating our pops, and if that means calling a do-over,we'll do what it takes.   

So, if this happened to you, please email me with the flavor of pop that you had, and come see us at The Layover this upcoming Sunday or let us know where we can drop one off, and we'll give you a free pop.  I promise, this time around, our pops will be everything that they are supposed to be: delicious. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why Cranky does what it does...

    There's been an uprising of Pop businesses in the Bay Area; that's not surprising, San Francisco is one of the hubs of food trend. We produce a lot of agriculture, so we have some of the most amazing produce. We attract a lot of artisans, so we have some of the most amazing wines, cheeses, and fanfare to bare.  A couple of years ago, the fad was cupcakes and frozen yogurt, today it's food trucks, illogical pairings that work ( for the most part), and people needing something to do with their lives until we, as a country, see our way out of this recession. All that to say, it makes sense for The Bay Area to be  fully immersed in food trend--some good and completely passionate, some completely for capitalist gain, and others---mmm---not-so-much, but to each his/her own. 

So where does Cranky Boots Cold Confections stand in the middle of  food trucks, cupcakes, and our country's hard economical times ? 

    The short answer is that we stand in the middle of community. Before the Pop fad hit the streets of San Francisco and The East Bay, Aland and I had a heart for building community using the means which we were given ( a love of food, a commitment to sustainability, a couple of dollars, and a curiosity). We did what any  rational human being would do and we connected the dots; we started with community and ended with a Pop in our hands.  

We started with Oakland, and loving her the way we do, but also fully aware that she is often times considered " the ugly sister," we committed ourselves to being in solidarity with who she truly is. She is creativity, often before her time, community, justice, leadership, and those  in between places chocked full of wisdom and grit. And in those places, those go between places of  laughter and struggle, charm and horror, progression and stagnancy, is  where we found our farmers, our artists (shout outs to Robert Trujillo, and Sharon Murriguez), and YOU, our customers needing a bit of reprieve from day-to-day living.  

Our motto is, " to bring some joyous essence of summer nostalgia to everyday folks..." and what we mean is that yes, we want you to enjoy our pops and we want them to take you back to childhood, but know that when you are eating one of our pops, you too are also connecting the dots; we also want the joyous essence of summer nostalgia for our farmers, our artists, and for the East Bay community. We aren't a fad. We've had our ups and downs, and scares and not-so-good ideas, but we're committed to building and sustaining the Bay Area community, which is you, I, and We. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Life is Living

We love being a part of the Oakland Community, so when Bryant Terry e-mailed us asking if we'd hit this up( /http://www.lifeisliving.org/), we had to say yes!  Y'all come out and support what's going on in Oakland on Saturday, October 8th, and while you're at it wouldn't hurt if you stopped by to get a pop from us. 

Here's what's on the menu: 

Sweet Potato Float w/ Cream 
Sweet Potato Float (Vegan) 
Figs with Goat Yogurt and a Balsamic Gastrique
Hibiscus Pineapple Limeade (Vegan) 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eat Real

You guys, Eat Real put us on the map. We love being a part of the festival, this year we will be in the craft area, this Saturday and Sunday, come see us!

We are bringing out some of our fall flavors:

Pumpkin float
Spiced pear
Fig with goat yogurt and a balsamic gastrique.

See you there!