The Importance of The Table

This Baby doesn't even own a wallet!

I recently read an article where a girl liked our pops, but labeled them bourgeoisie. She meant well, but my heart instantly broke upon reading her " description". " She doesn't get it," I thought.Figs and bananas are not the official fruit of the Hipsters. Hibiscus is not just for those who can get to Berkeley Bowl; it is an ingredient used in some of the poorest parts of the world---there is nothing bougie about that. We're real. We like to keep it real. We believe that everyone despite race, creed, socio-economic status or gender should have fair, affordable, and equal access to healthy and enjoyable food. The girl who innocently labeled our pops as bourgeoisie, fell into the marketing trap of having our pops define her. Our pops cannot define anyone.

Food gentrification occurs much like socio-cultural gentrification occurs, when capital is more important than community. When we remove the idea of people being centered around the table and replace it with demarcations of people's value in the form of dollar signs, food becomes a privilege instead of a right. The table is completely antithetical to the dollar sign, because it is not pro- " some" people while excluding others. The table is pro-everyone.  It is where people lose their "isms" and transcend into humanity because they are centering on something bigger than their individual selves. Sharing and exchange, which come through the conduit of food, are the commonalities that unite people there.

Money is useful (unless you're at Burning Man or stranded on a deserted island), and we use it to pay our bills and do fun stuff, but our goal is to never look at you as a potential dollar sign; even worse we hope to never exclude you because you are the furthest person from bourgeoisie. Our pops were not created to  contribute to the "us" vs. "them" game, we humans are so good at playing. Our pops were created to attest to people's already existing humanity. Cranky Boots is not trying to be the next cliché cupcake. Instead, we are trying to build community and foster honest exchange with the means given. Our goal is to joyfully remind you that whomever you are, there's a seat for you at the table, and there, holding your place, is a loverly Cranky Boots Pop.