Sunday, March 13, 2011


I made the mistake of watching TLC's  "Toddlers and Tiaras," a couple of weeks ago while exercising, and outside of my nerd alert  Sally Jesse Raphael glasses that are taped in the middle, that  show was the best form of birth control I have ever come across. I am by no means an advocate of violence, but I seriously wanted to shake the parents in this show. Somehow, they had all managed to create the most narcissistic human beings I have ever laid eyes on in my life:

       Wait for it, she's going to spit-up pea soup any second now...  

And since we can't shake parents and we don't want to be hypocrites by writing about how great we are, we have decided  to do our part in ridding the world of narcissism by debuting another small business: CASA MURRIGUEZ! (We utterly adore this woman!)

We first met Sharon (the owner), at Bizarre Bazaar in the city, over Christmas. We loved her stuff immediately (of course, it didn't hurt that she was one of the few Oakland businesses representin', and we were literally neighbors.) We bought a handful of things---mainly postcards and gift tags and fought over them all the way home. In fact, we loved her stuff so much that after Aland and I wrapped our Christmas presents, we fought over which gift tags would grace what gifts.(I even made Aland give me back the gift tag pictured, after he opened his gift).

Fast Forward, a few weeks later: tired of people asking us if we had a card, we met with Sharon. We asked her to customize our business cards, she did, and this picture does not do her work justice. I don't know all of the technical names and details, but I do know that they are made in the same manner as her gift cards. Honestly, we could not be happier with how they turned out---they are amazingly fresh-to-def and have really helped to take our business to the next level. Several of our clients and accounts have commented on how lovely our business cards are,and we couldn't agree more. Outside of paper products, Casa M does really creative housewares, which are not only environmentally sustainable, but beyond stylish and affordable. All of her " retro-whimsy" designs are drawn by hand, and then she does her viola-magic to put them on fabric, material, etc. etc. 

All that to say, you guys should really check her out, she's worth it: us, and maybe she'll give you a high five or something).

Who knows, folks? She might even be able to customize some Lil' Bebe kid's "Ni-Ni," if that's what you need...