We'll just add these as we get them. So y'all keep em coming and we'll post them! 

Roland the owner of FIVE TEN BURGER,says: 

"Bomb! The [pop] was...delicious! The bitterness was really present but was quickly tamed by the center. Just sweet enough to keep a fella smilin'. Thanks!"

William Cazalet of Oakland,says: 

“Banana and Salted Caramel – fantastic combination, both flavors come through – banana first, then the perfect balance of salty and sweet in the caramel.”

“Cabernet Sauvignon – a terrific way to enjoy red wine cold (and it’s vegan too)! A subtle, sophisticated and really enjoyable popsicle.”

Sharon owner of CASA M,says: 
"Oh, and the... pop was amazingly decadent and yummy...Eric and I shared it and was richer (in a good most awesome way) than any Popsicle i've ever had." 

Quinton of Mandela Market, says: 
"I finally got to that cabernet popsicle and I was very pleased with the outcome. Pretty Good! I am more eager now to try one of those sweet flavors like banana."

Susan Coss of The Eat Real Festival, says:

" ...They were delicious, especially that chocolate one - seriously the bomb!! The hibiscus and grapefruit also rocked, but that chocolate - wow and so intensely chocolatey"  

Tim Fifita of Benicia, CA says: 

"my brother and I both had your popsicles and we both enjoyed them. Not just the flavor, but because they were organic, big plus in my book."

Corey Adcook of London, England says: 
" A gourmet popsicle is what I understood it to be. And it was the Cabernet chocolate popsicle I tried, which certainly sounded gourmet. not being a massive chocolate fan I thought it might be too rich for me, but upon popping up the great plastic receptacle it came in the texture was perfect ice cream consistency, and immediately a rich but smooth delight of chocolate hit my taste buds, then followed a sensation like I had just washed it down with an actual glass of Cabernet, without the kick of knocking back a glass of the good stuff! I was already stuffed from my dinner, so put the half eaten popsicle back in the freezer. Only to find myself within half an hour craving the rest of it, and pop, done it went..."

Simon Abramowitsch of Berkeley, CA says:
"The fried Chicken and Waffle on a stick was worth a small fortune!"

Elizabeth of Guerrilla Grub, says, " pumpkin pop was KICKIN...i knew it was cause i had a bite of my friends." 

Sara from Creative Growth says, " Thank You so much for the pops yesterday, they were great and everybody loved them! From what I heard the chocolate, strawberry and basil, and grapefruit and cream were among the top contenders."