Some of you know, some of you don't but all in all, Cranky Boots has 12 Pop flavors and 1 ice cream push-up. Most of our flavors are seasonal, others we do throughout the Pop season ( May-September).  In addition to our reguar 3 oz. format,  8 of those flavors also come in our Push-up pop format(*), which are only sold at private events. 
Here's what we got: 

Strawberry Basil*
Hibiscus Pineapple-Limeade*
Chocolate Puddin' Cabernet *
Peach Lemonade ( Kid Friendly) 
Blackberry Yuzu *
Watermelon Lime and Jalapeno 
Lemon Cucumber Loves Lavender 

Grapefruit and Cream *
Banana w/ Burnt Caramel and Sea Salt*
Fig w/ Goat Yogurt and a Balsamic Gastrique*
Pumpkin Float *
Japanese Sweet Potato with Goji Berry and Coco Nib

Ice Cream Push-up: 
Almighty Itis*, which was created to glorify Chicken and Waffles. (Maple and Duck fat ice cream with bits of yummy and crispy waffle, served in a fun push-up pop mold. ( Check out Simon's review of it on our "Reviews" page). 

And that pretty much sums us up, folks.  Questions? Shoot us over an email!