Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why Cranky does what it does...

    There's been an uprising of Pop businesses in the Bay Area; that's not surprising, San Francisco is one of the hubs of food trend. We produce a lot of agriculture, so we have some of the most amazing produce. We attract a lot of artisans, so we have some of the most amazing wines, cheeses, and fanfare to bare.  A couple of years ago, the fad was cupcakes and frozen yogurt, today it's food trucks, illogical pairings that work ( for the most part), and people needing something to do with their lives until we, as a country, see our way out of this recession. All that to say, it makes sense for The Bay Area to be  fully immersed in food trend--some good and completely passionate, some completely for capitalist gain, and others---mmm---not-so-much, but to each his/her own. 

So where does Cranky Boots Cold Confections stand in the middle of  food trucks, cupcakes, and our country's hard economical times ? 

    The short answer is that we stand in the middle of community. Before the Pop fad hit the streets of San Francisco and The East Bay, Aland and I had a heart for building community using the means which we were given ( a love of food, a commitment to sustainability, a couple of dollars, and a curiosity). We did what any  rational human being would do and we connected the dots; we started with community and ended with a Pop in our hands.  

We started with Oakland, and loving her the way we do, but also fully aware that she is often times considered " the ugly sister," we committed ourselves to being in solidarity with who she truly is. She is creativity, often before her time, community, justice, leadership, and those  in between places chocked full of wisdom and grit. And in those places, those go between places of  laughter and struggle, charm and horror, progression and stagnancy, is  where we found our farmers, our artists (shout outs to Robert Trujillo, and Sharon Murriguez), and YOU, our customers needing a bit of reprieve from day-to-day living.  

Our motto is, " to bring some joyous essence of summer nostalgia to everyday folks..." and what we mean is that yes, we want you to enjoy our pops and we want them to take you back to childhood, but know that when you are eating one of our pops, you too are also connecting the dots; we also want the joyous essence of summer nostalgia for our farmers, our artists, and for the East Bay community. We aren't a fad. We've had our ups and downs, and scares and not-so-good ideas, but we're committed to building and sustaining the Bay Area community, which is you, I, and We. 

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