Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stop. Collaborate and Listen...

Contrary to this post's title, we haven't sold any pops to Robert Van Winkle; mainly because we don't want any trouble with Suge Knight--- other reasons being that good Ole Vanilla has never approached our cart, but that minor detail is besides the point.  We have, however,  decided to work with  a co-op  infinitely cooler, though they have never appeared in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze: Mandela Market (

Cranky Boots will work with Mandela Market by purchasing the majority of our ingredients and organic produce from them directly.  We have always financially supported local farmers and purchased our produce directly from farmers. However, Aland and I wanted to hone in our our efforts to support community in a more holistic way, and support not only farmers but local 510/ East Bay Area residents. In order to make our goal a reality, we decided to meet with the beautiful people of Mandela and see what could be done.

Though there were several great ways for us to get involved, Cranky Boots felt the best and most effective way to get involved was putting our money where our mouth is. Basically, we purchase our goods from Mandela Market, which is a local not for profit organization that works with local residents, family farmers, community-based businesses and co-ops to improve health, create wealth, and build the assets of low-income communities. The wealth creation lies in the fact that all the owners of Mandela Foods are low-income people from West Oakland that now have an ownership opportunity instead of just a job. Mandela purchases their fresh produce from a network of about 16 local and  small-mid size sustainable farmers who are adamant about cultivating both organic and pesticide free produce. By purchasing from them, we not only help to secure the Owner's stock in their co-op, but we support local farmers and their families and help to encourage healthy eating where options can be rather lacking. 

Yeah, see... how it works see, is like so, see: you don't have to be a small business buying fruit on a large scale to help out. Shop at Mandela Foods Cooperative for your grocery needs, instead of spending your Whole paycheck at other places of equal quality. They have a full service store that has meat, dairy, produce, snacks, prepared foods, and bulk grains and beans and you're helping out Oakland and her residents. Everyone wins and that's how it should be!

And while we're on the subject of throw backs,remember,kids:

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