Saturday, February 19, 2011

Origin of the Popsicle...

George, Age 4 in " Oakwind."
When asked what tongues are for, Georgie from " Oakwind," unequivocally replies, " For licking Popsicles Cold Confections, silly."  And of course, you are silly if you don't think George is right, at least about Cold confections. I once asked him the winning numbers to the lottery, and he replied with  "Danna, let's play trains."  

Nevertheless, George has an unmatched blood-brotherly connection  with this deliciously good treat. He knows why God created the tongue, and he also knows that like him, cold confections are from Oakland. It has tickled our fancy for quite some time  to know that the birthplace of the " Eppsicle," (later to be called the "Popsicle") is Oakland, CA.  Of course, we are the birthplace of other great people, places, and things: 

-Julia Morgan
-The Black Panthers
-The Wave 
-Gettin' Hyphy 
-MC Hammer, Goapele, Digital Underground and other great musicians... 
-Rocky Road Ice cream and the Mai Tai 

...But the " Popsicle," whodda thunk it?  

The story goes a little something like this: 

At the ripe age of eleven, Frank Epperson left a glass of lemonade outside with a stick in it. Why, there was a stick in his lemonade? The world may never know, but I will point out two things: 1.) He was eleven. 2.) He was an eleven year old boy.  You can file that under, " mystery solved." Anywho,where was I?   Overnight, the lemonade froze  and dear ol' Franky licked the stick and found it to taste good. Twenty something years later, he applied for a patent for something described along the lines of, " a frozen treat on a stick." (Is it just me, or does Franky come off as the overly rational type?)  Later, his children,  with an ounce of creativity,  re-named it the  "Popsicle," and even later still,  the rights were sold to a company in our Sister City named Good Humor. 

The End ? 

No, not really...

106 years later, we're happy to bring  this delicious cold confection back home; so much so, that one of our mainstay flavors, "Peach Lemonade", which was created to be kid friendly and made with: Woodleaf Farm Organic Peaches, Ginger, Meyer Lemons and Organic Cane Sugar is dedicated to the Godfather, himself, Frank Epperson.

P.S. The word " Popsicle," is much like the words " Xerox, Band-aid, Crayon, Q-tip and the newest, Urban Homesteading..."  meaning, don't use them to describe your product, or your pants might be sued right off of your body.

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