Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Momma, can I have some money?

My neighborhood
Do you remember the days when you were playing with your little hooligan friends outside, doing things you probably weren't supposed to, like throwing rocks at cars driving by? Okay, maybe that was just me. I remember the summer heat beating down in The Town, the tarmac reflecting the equal heat back up at me, and having beads of sweat run down my hairless little armpits. Then out of the blue, my friends and I  would hear the comforting jingle of the neighborhood Ice Cream Truck. Some of us would be financially prepared, others would have to drop their rocks or sticks and break for home as fast as our  little feet could take us. I was always that kid.  I remember running in the house, slamming the screen door and screaming at the top of my lungs, " Hurry Momma, I need a dollar for the Ice Cream Truck!!"  Sometimes, a dollar was yielded, other times, she wouldn't even be there, and I would have to scramble for the couch cushions in need of that shiny nickle.  

...." Please.." I would plead, as I flipped each couch cushion over.  Please... "  YES!" 

Sadly, some  of the gang wouldn't return outside, others you could hear their change bouncing in their pockets on their walk back and the anticipation would build, as we listened to the truck scour the peripheral blocks. We stood,  just waiting for that old beat up Dodge covered in stickers to show its grill.  " Hell Ya!" We'd yell in joy, as the truck rounded the corner and  we bolted towards it to form a line.  Long-legged Trelis always managed to  get to it first, with us pushing and shoving behind him. Everybody had their favorites, Levi would always go for the " Ninja Turtle Pop," with the bubble gum eyes, Howie loved the Strawberry Shortcake, and Anthony, I don't even remember what he liked, all I remember was that he was MC Hammer's cousin; myself, I was always an Orange-Creamsicle kinda boy.  

I loved me some Orange-Creamsicle and I couldn't wait to get to that perfect marriage of cream and fake orange.  I'd savor every bite, as it dribbled down my arm, wipe my chin, and resume my shenanigans.

And so, in memory of my childhood nostalgia, I  bring to  you (Amanda helped),  a beautiful pairing of Grapefruit and cream.  It is simply made with delicious and organic B& J Grapefruit,  and finished with our version of " cream," which is packed with Pro-biotics. Honestly, it's so good, it'll make you wanna throw a rock at a car.


  1. I thought only my group was dumb enough to throw rocks at cars!! And yes my favorite was the creamsicle! I hope I get to try this version Amanda Yee!

  2. Annie, Nope. Apparently, Aland's group was " cool" enough to do it too. Unfortunately for me, I have an Asian Tiger Dad, if I even blinked at a car the wrong way, I'd be a goner. We'd love to give you a Pop. Let me know when you're up here!!


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