Friday, February 4, 2011

New Pops

Berkeley Farmer's Market
Aland and I have been guilty of  mentioning the word "community," here and there.  We understand that  there's always the risk within the American-English language of negative over-exposure. When  the "here and there" happens without responsibility over one's words, words like: "eco-friendly," "carbon footprint," "epic,"and " awesome" meet the unfortunate fate of over-exposure.  In the same breath, I can use the adjective " awesome," to describe my ability to parallel park (which Aland  would also describe as "awesome-ly terrible"), or Martin Luther King Jr.'s grace to lead a movement that changed American History. The word, " awesome,"  used to mean something and was reserved for truly awe inspiring moments like The Civil Rights Movement, but this is no longer the case.  The word, " community," cannot afford to meet this fate; a way of prevention is to start with honest and true conversations, which are shared from the heart.

These new pops are our conversation shared from the heart.
Aland buying vegan friendly...
Our Community Line of pops is an attempt to not only foster, but  sustain community, regardless of whom your community consists. One of the reasons why we have decided to sell this line exclusively to businesses functioning within a community setting is because we want to increase this line's chance of actually engaging people. Our hope is that while you eat these pops,they will center you around a table and  create opportunity to  start conversations, talk about pleasant childhood memories, new foodie experiences or inspire you in your own form of creating.

At the moment, we are not at liberty to  share everything regarding our new line. However, we do feel it prudent and fair to introduce to you  1  of the 8 new items that  you will be able to find in places around San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley in as early as May. ( Don't worry, we'll introduce the  rest of the New Pop gang very soon).

" Bill Cosby" here, helped himself...
So, without further ado, say hello to our little friend:  Chocolate Puddin' Cabernet. Chocolate Puddin' Cabernet is 100% organic, vegan, and gluten free. It is perfectly balanced and velvety smooth with hints of blackberry, smoke, black pepper, rose petals, currants, and of course, yummy dark chocolate.
It is delicious!

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  1. Well, I yet to try your pops but that Chocolate puddin sounds delicioso! I have to say I'm very impress the way you guys are conducting this business, I can see your not doing it for the money.


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